Nan Chan (南禅)

"There's a man I love.
In the clouds. In the sea. In my heart."

❀ Jing Lin ❀

"Gege, take me home."

  • Former deity that used to slay demons, now everyone thinks he's dead

  • Beautiful and powerful, will not hesitate to decapitate you

  • Badass sword

  • Seems cold and distant, but he's in fact baby and childish which is really cute

  • Character development that will make you bawl your eyes out

  • Devastating past, trauma and a lot of family drama

❀ Cang Ji ❀

"I'm still a baby fish. It's only normal that I can't leave you."

  • He's feral, he's bold, he's unhinged, he's Cang Ji!

  • Demon whose true form is a brocade carp, but he has the potential to evolve into a dragon

  • He eats people, which makes him stronger

  • Incredibly straightforward and shameless, but he also loves deeply

  • His jealousy is both charming and adorable (he was jealous of a snowflake once)

  • "I want to be close to Jing Lin 24/7 and have him pay attention to me... I must want to eat him."

Supporting Cast

  • Stone Figure: A small, adorable stone figure that accompanies Jing Lin and Cang Ji

  • Ah Yi: Bird demon who is a cute brat but also an ally of Jing Lin and Cang Ji

  • Zui Shan Seng: Deity who works for heaven's prison trying to pursue and capture Jing Lin & Cang Ji

  • Dong Jun: Witty and beautiful deity who brings spring, but whose true form is a terrifying devil

  • Huachang: Nine-tailed fox demon lady that runs an inn and has a past connection to Cang Ji

  • And many more amazing characters!

  • Author: Tang Jiuqing (t97)

  • Chapters: 129 (translation completed)

  • Genre: Danmei, Fantasy, Historical, Drama

  • 1v1, Happy End


Jing Lin, titled as Lord Lin Song, used to be powerful and well-known deity until one day, he murdered the Supreme Father (Emperor of Heaven) in front of everyone's eyes. Annhiliated as punishment for his heinous act, Jing Lin has been believed to be dead for hundreds of years now.

Unbeknownst to most of heaven, Jing Lin survived and spends his days recovering on top of a snowy mountain with only a brocade carp by his side. The carp, Cang Ji, has been observing Jing Lin ever since it can remember and, even after managing to turn human, desires to devour Jing Lin.

During an incident, Jing Lin loses his copper bell so he and Cang Ji leave the mountain in order to retrieve it. On their journey they get caught up in a series of strange events and encounter the Eight Sufferings (birth, old age, sickness, death, parting, encounter with hated ones, unfulfillment of desires and inability to let go). They gradually unravel the mysteries, as well as their own past.

Why YOU should read Nan Chan

  • Cang Ji's and Jing Lin's dynamic is not only funny and adorable, but incredibly deep and heartwarming

  • Jing Lin calling Cang Ji "Gege"

  • Demons that can switch between animal and human form!!

  • Side couples!!

  • If you like angst and shedding tears, you're in for a feast

  • Well-written side characters with intriguing and tragic backstories

  • You get a deep insight into both main characters' lives and thoughts

  • Cang Ji


  • Violence: Cang Ji frequently devours people, also typical fight scenes

  • NSFW: One explicit NSFW chapter (Ch. 111), also casual talks about sex and implied sexual acts

  • Child / Sex Trafficking: One of the major plot points is the mcs trying to solve repeated cases of trafficking

  • Child Abuse Chapter 17 - 23 feature an arc heavily dealing with child abuse, including a scene of attempted sexual abuse of the victim by her uncle.

  • Implied Pedophilia: Mentioned arc above also deals with the theme of pedophilia

  • Mention of Rape: Non-explicit, but still multiple mentions of sexual abuse

  • Imprisonment / Torture: Jing Lin was imprisoned in the past; side couple gets imprisoned and suffers torture (mainly Ch. 49)